Using Zobot to engage your website visitors

I’m sure you have seen chat programs on websites that appear as a bubble, encouraging you to engage with a rep to get the answers you need. If there is some sort of automated (vs. human) interaction, they are referred to as Chatbots. These Chatbots are a gateway for your company where web visitors can describe their needs and the bot can automatically answer some of their questions. In addition, chatbots ultimately send customer requests through a system to you. Zoho offers you the perfect solution with SalesIQ and Zobot.

SalesIQ easily adds basic chat bubbles to your website to help your team engage with website visitors. However, you can also create a chatbot using artificial intelligence to provide website visitors with information to engage them and convert them to customers.

What is a Zobot?

SalesIQ allows you to build an automated Chatbot using artificial intelligence (AI) called a Zobot. A well-designed Zobot is created to answer the most common questions that you get from your website visitors, provide articles, or even set appointments with prospects.

Zobots can:

  • Increase visitor engagement by collecting their information and adding it to your CRM or Desk account.
  • Keep visitors on your site longer,
  • Answer questions visitors are looking for on your website by providing intelligent answers, FAQs and/or articles,
  • Take the load off your team’s shoulders by engaging with visitors when your support team is busy or after hours,
  • Customize fonts, colors and other design elements to match with your website.

Through scripting, the Zobot gathers the visitor’s name, email and phone number and automatically creates them as a new lead in your Zoho CRM or Zoho Desk account. The Zobot can also create tasks or send an email notifying the visitor that your team will contact them soon.

Types of bots

Zobots are created in one of several ways:

  • Codeless bot builder,
  • SalesIQ scripts,
  • Zia skills,
  • Webhook,
  • Watson Assistant (great for multiple languages),
  • Azure Bot Service or
  • Diagflow.

Your Zobot can be designed to answer questions after a user types in their inquiries in the chat box. Through use of training phrases you can categorize similar types of questions that a user asks and the bot will respond back with a suitable answer. For example, if your user wants to know your company’s shipping address but instead of typing “I want to know your shipping address”, as long as they enter “shipping add” or “ship add” in any part of their question, Zobot provides the shipping address. Along with displaying text fields, your Zobot uses various input options, such as buttons, sliders and ratings.

How can Cornerstone assist me with my Zobot services?

We often emphasize that our solution development is not about how will a certain service be implemented. Instead we focus on why that service should be used and what makes that solution better than any other alternative.

After discussing your goals, we can help by providing a customized bot utilizing the best bot building platform for you. Our goal is always to help you find the best solution for your business needs.