How can we help you with ZOHO?

It’s not just about the how. It’s about the WHY.

We actually wrote the book

Really, we have the only Zoho CRM book on the market (sold on Amazon and on our site). We are constantly working to keep it updated…which means, we know everything there is to know about Zoho.

You could spend all of your time viewing YouTube videos or searching online for how to do something. Stop beating your head against the computer screen. Not only do we know the answer, but we can help you with the why.

Questions like: Why do it this way? Why fill in these fields? Why pick this dialog box option over that one? Why should you use Zoho Campaigns instead of something like Constant Contact? Which Zoho app should you use to record time sheets (there are three apps in Zoho that do that) and why is one better for your company than another? What is the difference between Zoho Survey and Zoho Forms? We know these kinds of things.

We’ve been working with CRM databases since 1987. We’ve worked with literally thousands of clients to help them get the most out of their CRM and would be glad to help you with getting the most out of Zoho CRM for your company.

Get a free quick reference card

We’ll give you a head start. How about a copy of one or more of our handy, double-sided Zoho CRM Quick Reference Cards for your own use or for training your end-users. Let us know who you are and the system will email you a copy right away of the cheat sheets you select.

Zoho Reference Card

About ZCRMHelp


Why is change so hard?Change is hard. We always go first.

We use our own Zoho environment (CRM, Books, Campaigns, Forms, Sign, etc) like an everyday laboratory to see what works and what doesn’t. What we have found is that Zoho pulls together all of the tools that a company would need to manage their company. It is an all in one solution that allowed us to transform our business and we would love to help you get in the game as well.

Cornerstone Solutions, Inc. was founded in 1987 as a software training company, and we are now one of the nation’s leading implementers of the Zoho suite of products. We work with solopreneur clients, as well as those that have over 500 users.

Now you can have access to the top Zoho Certified Consultants in the world regardless of where you live. Call us (713-661-5200) and we can provide help by phone or by remote control of your computer to help you setup, convert, design, integrate and train… to make sure you are getting the most return on your investment in Zoho.

Really, you should take advantage of all that experience in working with all of those companies.

If you are doing something that is working for you, keep doing it. But if not, we’d love to help you explore your options. And if you need more help getting started, we can help.

The world is changing at a fast pace. More and more companies are realizing the benefits of moving their sales team and company to the cloud and relying less on expensive internal servers. The cloud offers instant (yet secure) access to important files when away from the office. Road warriors and remote office workers enjoy easier access to client information and reporting of activities

Sharing information across your organization has never been easier!

Let us show you how.

Our 5-Step Process

We can certainly tell you how to do something, but we find that it works best with our clients if you tell us what problems/issues you are dealing with or trying to solve. Then we can help you formulate a plan for how to best accomplish that in the Zoho world. See the 5-step process that we use by clicking on each element below.



Our obsession is understanding the why of your business and transforming that into a system in Zoho that supports your corporate sales and marketing strategies while making it streamlined and easy enough to encourage end-user adoption. We start each project with a discovery meeting, which usually lasts between 1 and 3 hours (though for more complicated projects, they may run longer). Regardless of where you are located, we can meet with you and/or multiple staff members via online meeting software and a conference line.

We will talk about your strategies and goals, things that have been working and those not working. Will you want to use Deals? Create Quotes from Zoho? Integrate other products? Build reports on activity? If you are using spreadsheets in your business, it helps us to see them prior to our meeting.

Our goal will be to develop a system for your business that increases the odds of success and to develop a system that makes the lives of you and your teams much easier and more productive.





Anyone can add a field. Really, it’s not rocket science. But we have years of experience in knowing what works and what doesn’t.

After our initial discussions, we can help you design the perfect Zoho system that supports your goals and processes.

We can create the correct types of custom fields to segment your business, set up the custom modules to track any non-standard items, design layouts that are organized and clean without any unnecessary fields, build email templates to create quick responses or promote your business, add workflows to automate your business and create the reports and dashboards to help monitor your business. We can setup your users and define an effective system of security to control who sees what or who can do what.

We can handle it all for you or work in collaboration with you.




Migrating Data

Whether you are converting from another software, importing your data from Outlook or a spreadsheets or bringing over your data from your accounting system, we can help you get your data into your new custom-designed Zoho ONE system.

We’ve successfully converted from CRMs like, Highrise, Insightly, Hubspot, MS CRM and even ACT!. Or help desk software like ZenDesk or FreshDesk. We have also shepherded the migration from QuickBooks to Zoho Books.

When familiar data has already been added to the database, it significantly improves end-user adoption.





Zoho has a suite of over 40 native products that can be used to run your business.

While the integration among the products is somewhat straightforward, there are conditions to setup each of the connections. We can help with that.

We can assist you with setup and/or learning any of the other Zoho Products as well. We know them all. Really, we are Zoho ONE Certified.

Have a problem you want to solve? Let us know and we can suggest what might work for you.

Since Zoho is now one of the most popular online CRMs, there are also a ton other products that can be integrated. That way you can keep using what works well for you while maximizing your use of Zoho.





– We offer group or individual training that is very user-friendly.

– We use your custom-designed database for our online training sessions and they are usually less than two hours.

– We can cover both web and mobile apps during our session.

– While we cover keystrokes (the how), our focus is on training that reinforces the goals (the WHY) that we set out in our initial discovery session.

– We can also provide in-depth training for your administrators to help you be more self-sufficient.

– Short follow-up training sessions are recommended to help your team really get up to speed.



“Lots of people can tell you HOW to do something. It’s always been important to me to understand the WHY. WHY should you do it this way instead of that way? WHY should you use this product instead of that one? It’s important to know when you are making decisions that impact your business… and your life.”

Susan Clark

Zoho ONE Certified Consultant, Cornerstone Solutions, Inc.

Book titles published

Years in Business

Satisfied Clients

Cups of Coffee (mostly tea these days)


It has now been 2 full years since you guided our company into the implementation of Zoho.   I don’t think we understood two years ago how dependent we would become on Zoho.   Your efforts using the Zoho CRM Plus account was easily one of the smartest decisions I have made since starting my businesses 25 years ago. Thanks.

– Michael James – CEO – James Environmental Management Inc.


For several years I have made use of the Zoholics presentations given by Susan Clark and found them very instructive and enjoyable to watch. Also the ‘tips and tricks’ emails that she sends out have been useful starting points for Zoho beginners. However what most deserves my praise, thanks and admiration is the way she responded to an email cry for help on a problem which,  despite forum posts and Zoho support emails,  still remained unsolved.  Even a Zoho connect session couldn’t solve the problem. Within a few days of my initial request I had a solution and, most important, a personally recorded video showing the steps I needed to take to solve the problem. Fantastic!  

Cornerstone is a company I will not hesitate to recommend to Zoho users.

– Peter Kaye – EightDayWeek

“Your insight into our marketing process made the customization you did for us really shorten our process and produce valuable reports on all our activity. We also appreciate your suggestions for email marketing campaigns and your expertise in implementation. You have saved us so much time which is invaluable in a small firm like ours.

– Genie Fuller, Founder and CEO – CEO Network Partners


We enjoyed your webinar on Wednesday. You are so great at pacing and staying on track with your outline. It was so easy to follow and you crammed so much into one hour! We also bought your training manual from Amazon. What a great resource to have!

– Kristin Dodd, Qualderm Partners


I recently decided to convert my ancient ACT! contact management system into Zoho. The good folks at Zoho were kind enough to introduce me to Susan, who handled the migration in a snap. As a former Systems Engineer, I’ve seen my share of file migrations, and this one was superbly handled.

I went on to engage Susan to consult with me on how to best leverage the capabilities of our new CRM. And again I was thoroughly impressed. It’s some of the smartest money I’ve spent this year. I highly recommend Susan as a real expert who is a pleasure to work with.

– Bob Corlett, President – Staffing Advisors


Cornerstone took great care to understand our needs and make the Zoho software reinforce our business processes and goals. They helped us to understand our options as we set up the software as well as refine our use of the products as we have implemented the two solutions (CRM and Support). Susan provided excellent training along with some custom training aids and documentation. She has been a great help to us in getting the most out of the software and I would highly recommend her services as a Zoho partner.

– Alicia Campos, Director of Operations – Lookout Services