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Zoho CRM is an online solution for managing your customer relationship life cycle. Zoho can easily be customized to support your company’s needs, grow with you in number of users or number of records (not something you will need to replace), integrate with popular programs like MS Office (e.g. Word or Outlook) or Google Apps (including Gmail), keep a history of all of your interactions with your contacts, track your team’s sales progress through the pipeline, view everything using easy to build dashboards and reports, offer access on ANY device (laptops, phones, tablets, MACs, etc), and much more.


Zoho is a user-friendly way to make customer relationship management easy to run your business in a modern and hassle-free fashion. Zoho is all about online applications and integrating them to meet your needs. It is both time and cost efficient. So, what’s not to love? Check out my video above to see why we love Zoho.

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  • Easy to Use, Easy to Customize – Zoho CRM is one of the easiest CRM applications on the market, yet incredibly full-featured. Businesses aren’t one size fits all. Zoho has your covered with with a CRM that is flexible, easy to customize, and one that allows you to focus on only the features that are important to you. Add the fields that you need. Modify the layouts to make sense to your team. Create views to quickly segment your data.
  • Track Leads & Contacts – Easily separate your unqualified Leads from your Contacts (or simply use the Contacts module if you don’t want to separate the records). Set up to send leads from your website straight into Zoho so no re-typing of contact info into your CRM. Easily import leads from trade shows or other sources. Automatically assign records based on specific field values or via round-robin. When they are qualified, convert your Leads into Contacts with 2 clicks.
  • Close More Deals – Zoho helps your business track and seize deals by keeping you organized and on top of your opportunities. Stages can be customized to reflect your business processes. Built-in reports and dashboards keep the important deals in front of your team. Create and email quotes from the current deal. Use Roles to keep track of all the players involved in the deal, along with their stake in the outcome.
  • Get Reports & Dashboards – There are a ton of standard Reports to analyze every part of your business, but they are also easy to create from scratch. You can easily schedule regular delivery of specific reports to your Inbox or use the Dashboard creator to drag and drop an assortment of charts and graphs into your personal dashboards for a custom visual data analysis that is easy to create, yet dynamic in action. Then, you can export the dashboards to share a job well done (and impress everyone).
  • Access your data from any device – Set up your employees to access their Zoho CRM data from any device: PC, MAC, smart phone, tablet, chrome book, anything. While away from the office, you can easily:
    • Look up, add, or edit contact data and notes.
    • Phone the contact straight from the record.
    • Map the client address from your current location.
    • Add a reminder to follow-up with the client.
    • In addition to online access, you can also download the iOS or Android app that offers offline access for those times when you are in locations with limited internet connectivity.


Start with the free version

Grow your business with a free online Zoho CRM database and a ton of back office tools. The basic edition is free for the first 10 users, but it can scale to several hundred users.

You can also sign up for the free edition of Zoho Campaigns which allows you to set up your own email list of up to 2,000 names.

If you like, you can upgrade your Zoho CRM to the paid version to integrate with programs you are already using like MS Outlook, GMail/Google Apps, and other 3rd party applications like Constant Contact. Zoho CRM comes in 5 editions.

  • Free (max. 3 users, limited feature set),
  • Standard ($18/user/month)
  • Professional ($30/user/month), and
  • Enterprise ($45/user/month, advanced capabilities including integration with Zoho’s Creator apps).
  • CRM Plus ($60/user/month and includes Zoho Advanced Report Analytics, Campaigns, Surveys, Project, Support, Sales IQ, and Social Media Management)
  • You can pay on a monthly or yearly basis (and get a ~10% price break), with no long-term contracts. Click to access a quick Feature Reference by Edition to help you decide which edition is for you.

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Getting my data into Zoho

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