What we’re doing with Zoho

We’re always working on such interesting requests from clients that we thought we would start keeping a log of some of them.

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2018 Focus

  • Recording more YouTube videos on Zoho
  • Keeping the Zoho CRM QuickStudy Updated (it is why we had to go with a spiral binding… they keep making amazing changes and additions to the CRM)
  • Writing more Email tips
  • Making more space for family and friends

What we’re working on now

4/18 – Back to working with clients on some amazing new projects. Zoho ONE is trending so quickly in our business.

4/8 – Zoho Community MVPs for the year 2019-20. At the annual 2019 Zoho software conference held in Austin TX with close to 2000 users in attendance, Susan Clark was selected as the MVP (most valuable partner) for 2019.

“The award is given in recognition of her leadership, strong sense of community and a willingness to help demonstrated by her active YouTube channel, her blogs written on Zoho products, her presentations at previous conferences and on Zoho sponsored webinars. More importantly she is active in leading both the Dallas and Houston Zoho User Groups. She continuously engages with Zoho product teams  by testing beta products, submitting ideas, bugs, solutions, and more. She has proven her product expertise with the publication of her Zoho CRM book “Zoho CRM QuickStudy Guide. The MVP award is given to partners who gladly share their knowledge with peers, who accelerate participation within the community, and who champion Zoho. We are glad to honor Susan Clark with this award.”


4/5 – We are excited about going to the annual Zoholics conference next week in Austin. About 2,000 are expected to attend. Hope to see some of my clients and friends there.

3/30 – We are diligently working on our next book, the Zoho ONE QuickStudy Guide. We’ve completed chapters for over 20 of the products. Getting close.

Zoho recently featured us in one of their videos. The original interview video was shot over a year ago while I was visiting their Chennai India office, but still it explains why we love working with Zoho.

01/02 – New Years Planning time. We had such a busy fall with quite a few clients that wanted to get up and running before year end. Lots of companies interested in Zoho Books.

10/17 – Planning for Next Zoho CRM User Groups: Dallas 10/25 – https://www.meetup.com/Zoho-Dallas-Chapter/
Houston 10/30 https://www.meetup.com/Zoho-Houston-Chapter/

08/15 – Have been trying to focus on creating more YouTube videos. You can subscribe to my channel here: https://www.youtube.com/user/zcrmhelp/

07/31 – We are working with 3 clients right now that are in the Insurance industry. So many opportunities for them to mine from their database right now before fall Open Enrollment period

07/05 – Converting an Insightly database over to Zoho.

05/30 – Have finished quite a few conversions this year. Of course, we are always doing ACT conversions to Zoho, but we have also done some Hubspot, Insightly, and Salesforce conversions as well.

05/17 – Have been doing quite a bit more with Advanced Analytics (aka Reports) as clients use this product to analyze their team performance to goals. We have created complicated dashboards and are then able to display them inside of Zoho CRM. Sometimes we create a dashboard that only Admins can see and another dashboard that the sales team can see.

05/09 – Have been working quite a while with a company that provides security services. The more they use it, the more they think of other ways. They are constantly asking, could Zoho do this automation? Haven’t found anything yet that we can’t make Zoho do.

04/16 – Starting 3 new projects this week: a general contractor, a music school, and mobile communications partner. Zoho will fit each of their needs beautifully.

04/05 – The Zoho ONE project management team has asked to come to Houston to visit some of my favorite Zoho ONE clients. I’m taking them to see some other clients in Austin on the 9th. It is a great opportunity for my customers to tell the product team what they like about the product, but also what other features that would like to see added to the product. This is one of many reasons that I love representing Zoho. I know that the team of 4 product managers will go back and make changes. It is not just about show for them. It is about continuous improvement.

02/16 and 02/20 – Hosting the Houston and Dallas Zoho Meetups, a free user group type of meeting, where current users in the area get together to discuss how to use Zoho better. I will be presenting on my favorite tips and tricks. Sign up to be notified of the next one: https://www.meetup.com/Zoho-Houston-Chapter/ or https://www.meetup.com/Zoho-Dallas-Chapter/

01/31 – Have been working with a manufacturing company. It started with a sales rep who just wanted something to track his own clients and prospects. Soon others in the company are interested. Now the president wants to move his entire operation into Zoho, including 10-years of QuickBooks over to Zoho Books. Lots of change, but we are moving at a good pace.

01/17-Working on a vertical product for apartment and house rentals for college-student market. Tracking incoming, outgoing, parking spaces, work orders, merged rental agreements, etc.

01/02 – New year planning (my favorite time of year). I want to create more YouTube videos this year, so working on that this week.

12/31 – Just finished reading a book on Scrum – The Art of Doing Twice the Work in Half the Time – by Jeff Sutherland. Loved it. Zoho has introduced a new Agile framework-based project management software based on Scrum concepts called Zoho Sprints. It is an excellent alternative to project management (as opposed to the standard waterfall method).

12/29 – End of the year was so busy with Sales teams implementing new designs and training for their team, that we were barely able to keep up. Zoho is gaining so much (well-deserved) momentum in the marketplace. The more we work with the products and management teams, the more we are in love with Zoho.

12/12 – Attending Zoho Finance Workshop in Austin Texas. Reviewing aspects of Zoho Books, Inventory, and Subscriptions.

10 13 – Gordon and I are now both Zoho ONE certified consultants. Two of only 80 in the world.

10/09 – We are in India for the week visiting Zoho offices in Chennai. Working with Zoho Product Managers and technical staff. learning about new products that will be coming out in the next 12 months. The amazing things that they are planning are mind boggling.

5/16 – Spending the week at Zoho CRM annual conference. My favorite part is meeting and catching up with Zoho product experts.

4/5 – Spent the week converting several ACT databases into Zoho. Also focusing on created complicated Reports and Dashboards using Zoho Advanced Analytics. Then we can display the dashboard inside of Zoho CRM. So cool.

3/24 – Spent most of the week out of town at client’s production facility. We will be working with them on a project built in Zoho Creator to track their production and quality control processes. Had a great discussion with my contact there about the differences in technical skill and business process sense. You can teach the technical, but how do you teach mapping of business processes? We were wondering… how can you train someone to see the whole picture and the impact of one thing on the others?

3/16 – Back from the beach vacation and to work on projects. This week I am working with advanced CRM training of our employees and converting another client from Salesforce to Zoho.

2/24 – Spending time on-site with a client to identify their real life workflows and developing a plan for how we can simplify their processes and redesign Zoho to better support their team.

2/17 – Had some one-on-one training with Executives this week. This is training that is usually done after the end-user training and is specifically for the President or other senior managers so that they understand how to pull up data in Zoho, review the activities of their team, check the status of deals in play and how to see it all on their phones. We always schedule one-hour, but I personally set aside two hours. I find that once the executives get in, they are much more excited than they thought that they would be and want to continue beyond the hour to learn more. I’m open if they are.

2/10 – I realize that some companies are drawn to HighRise because it is simple and cheap, but they should beware. While you can easily export the Contacts and Accounts, it is almost impossible to export the notes, cases, and deals (though we can take care of it for you). Pick a CRM that allows easy export of all of your data if you should decide to move to another platform. HighRise would not be that platform. (e.g. Getting data out of Zoho is super easy…though not sure why you would want to.)

2/3 – Finally had some time to shoot a video (Creating Views in Zoho CRM) and upload it to YouTube: https://youtu.be/gRRcjDg_IEo

2/1 – Worked with Zoho Support to identify an issue with a 4-place decimal field with 3 leading zeros and how it displays. They found the problem and it is now fixed for everyone in the world. It is another example of why I love working with Zoho. They take their quality control seriously.

1/26 – Working with the next generation of a company as they move from their dad’s CRM to an online CRM (Zoho) that will improve their visibility with what is going on with their teams. Sales team is also driving the change, as they need a way to work with the CRM on their mobile devices. Mission accomplished.

1/25 – Implementing Zoho for a team that has tried 3 other CRMs. This will be a good move for them (though, frankly it makes me a bit nervous). I’ve spent quite a bit of time with them to understand their workflows. I think there is an art to defining what is important and what is not important to track and to ultimately make it as easy as possible for their teams to work inside of the CRM.

1/18 – Combining accounts under CRMPlus (involves closing down some accounts so that we can invite the person into the corporate accounts). For some we need to migrate the data first.

1/12 – Traveling today to another city to talk to prospects about implementing Zoho. Too cold here. Be glad to get back to Houston.

1/10 – Admin training today with two teams. We think it is important to teach Zoho admins how to be self-sufficient.

1/6 – Teams from earlier this week are excited to see their data online and easily accessible via their phones (instead of pulling up spreadsheets at night to update).

1/4/2017 – Offering 3 sessions of pilot training to a company that has distinct user groups (marketing team and 2 different operations teams). Work on this project involved combining everyone’s spreadsheets into the Zoho database. This was a tedious project since each spreadsheet had to be cleaned up prior to importing (standardize the drop-down values, fill in dates for require fields, attach ownership, etc).

12/30 – Combining 17 Zoho databases into one master database. Bringing all of the data into one corporate database, while keeping security (via Roles) for each of the users. Finally the management team can see everything in one place.

12/27 The week between Christmas and New Years is always busy for us as it is a good time to implement new sales systems while the sales team is more idle. Today we are converting an old ACT database of 27 users that has been in place since 1992. Our conversion program generated 30 .csv files of notes and history to upload. They were heavy users. They are excited to move to a more mobile platform that doesn’t requie syncing.

12/21 Working on one of the most challenging projects I’ve ever had. We have 10 custom modules. We are using Custom Functions to total up values in one of the tables and update values in another table.