Zoho Flow Makes Integrations Easy

Zoho Flow enables you to integrate many third party apps with Zoho products. This customizable platform gives your business an opportunity to integrate more than 450+ applications and automate your business without additional manual work. It is very similar to Zapier, but because it was built by Zoho, it gives you more control on how the integrations are set up.

Watch the video below to see why you might benefit from using Zoho Flow in your business.

Is Zoho flow right for my business ?

One of the key advantages of Zoho Flow is that you don’t need to worry about hiring developers or additional coders to integrate your applications together. Zoho Flow, connects and integrates hundreds of applications with just a few clicks.

Your workflow defines a trigger first (like when a record is created) and then a resulting action or response is defined. The User assigns a specific time schedule for a trigger or determines that the trigger can be executed once there is an update to specific field. For example, you would want your clients to automatically receive an email once they sign up for email subscriptions through a web form. You can create a workflow that will automatically email the client once they complete and submit their form on their website.

You can also set a specific schedule for your workflow to execute. For example, you work for a company who has a policy that requires HR staff to create a task for all your employees to submit their hours by the end of the week for their pay period. You can automate this process through use of workflow as well by executing a trigger to create a task for your employees to submit their hours on the 30th of each month to the HR department. Furthermore, you can also send an email notification to HR once an employee has submitted their hours. These types of automations save you time. Your to-do list has one less task for you to complete.

Can I connect Zoho flow to other software applications?

Yes. With Zoho flow, your business can integrate with applications around the world. Whether its Trello, Asana ,Slack, QuickBooks, or any Zoho apps such as Desk, CRM or the campaigns, your organization can easily connect apps together using automated workflow processes.

What type of app integrations does Zoho Flow provide?

Some specific types of applications are Ads & Analytics, Customer support and integration, Event management, Marketing automation, Proposals & invoices, Social media management, Inventory management, E-commerce, Subscription Management etc. In addition, Zoho Flow integrates your processes between the various Zoho software products such as Books, Desk, Expense, CRM, SalesIQ, Campaigns, Calendar, Invoice etc.

Why is Cornerstone the right choice for my Zoho Flow implementation?

We work to design and implement the best solutions for our clients which not only supports their business needs but also help them meet their future goals. We often emphasize that our solution development is not about how a certain service will be implemented instead we focus on why that service should be utilized by your company. It is important to understand why one solutions is better than any other alternative. Our team consists of Zoho experts who can create your workflows according to business requirements. But we also provide our clients additional training and advice regarding their workflows and automated processes.