Zoho CRM vs BiginYou have already decided that Zoho has all the right tools to help you automate and grow your business, but you are still unsure if you should use Bigin or Zoho CRM as your CRM platform. That’s a very common concern.

You Might Need Some Help

Suppose you are a mid-size to large organization. In that case, it might be easier for you to visualize how Zoho CRM will be able to manage your sales pipeline and automate your business by creating the perfect integration with 40+ Zoho Apps and over 1000 third-party extensions. But if you are a start-up, a small business, or even a new mid-size business, you might need some help and knowledge to choose the right CRM for your organization.

Zoho Understands Your Business

However, before we move forward, I want to emphasize that whatever decision you make, if you decide in the future to change from Zoho Bigin to Zoho CRM or vice versa, it will be no problem. Zoho understands that businesses are evolving, growing, and/or changing, so they made it possible to have a seamless transition from one to another.

Unique Price Model

They are both fantastic CRM platforms, but Bigin is built and priced for small businesses, and Zoho CRM is a more robust and customizable CRM built for businesses with more needs. But even though Zoho CRM is more expensive than Bigin, it’s still one of the most affordable CRMs in the market. For some organizations, their price model is a major differentiator.

Bigin vs Zoho CRM

The chart below gives you an overall understanding of what differences they have and how they might affect your business. I’m comparing the most popular options for each CRM, Bigin Express and Zoho CRM Enterprise.

Bigin Express Zoho CRM Enterprise
Pricing Bigin Pricing Model Zoho CRM Pricing Model
Modules Default Modules: Contacts, Companies, Deals, Products, and Activities. You can change the names, but you can’t add more modules. Default Modules: Contacts, Companies, Deals, Products, Activities, Leads, Campaigns, Cases, Solutions, Quotes, Sales Orders, Invoices, Purchase Orders, Analytics, and Reports. You can change the names and add more modules based on your needs.
Number of Records 50,000 records (additional $1/10,000 records/month) 15M records approximately
Workflows 25 Unlimited
Custom Modules 0 100 modules
Custom Fields 20/module 300 fields/module
Web Forms 5 20 forms/module

– GSuite
– Office 365
– Mailchimp
– Zapier
– Twitter
– Zoho CRM
– Zoho Flow
– Zoho Books/Invoice
– Zoho Analytics
– Zoho Desk
– Zoho Meeting

Zoho 40+ applications
Over 1000 third-party applications, including:
– GSuite
– PandaDoc
– Office 365
– RingCentral
– WhatsApp
– GoToMeeting
– Zoom
– Quickbooks
– Adobe Sign
– LinkedIn
– Mailchimp
– Google Ads
– Facebook
– Dropbox
– Slack
– Zapier
– SurveyMonkey
– Twitter

Usability and Design It has one of the most compact, slickest, and self-intuitive designs. It’s very easy to understand the structure even if you haven’t been on a CRM platform before. It has a more standard design but is very clean and intuitive. 
Multiple Pipelines Yes Yes
API No Yes

Make the Right Decision

Even though the decision that you make today can be changed in the future, it will be empowering to your team and less cost to your organization if you make the right decision today.

If you have any further questions or if you haven’t decided yet, the Cornerstone Solutions team is here to help you choose the right CRM fit for your business. Schedule a Quick Marketing Chat today!