Zoho CRM Training Manual

Zoho CRM Training Manual CoverI’m excited to offer my Zoho CRM Training Manual. It is the only book of its kind on the market that is totally dedicated to Zoho CRM.

This training manual comes as an 8.5″ by 11″ spiral bound book packed with close to 400 pages of procedures and practical advice on using Zoho CRM. The first part is dedicated to the End User and covers everything an end-user would want to know about how to use Zoho. The second half of the book covers every command in the Setup area, so it also makes this book a great resource for Administrators (see Table of Contents).

Get a copy of the Zoho CRM Training Guide for you and your team members!

But wait. How Did “Quick” Get Included in the Book Name?

How can a book with so many pages include the word “quick” in the title? While it does seem a bit contradictory, the idea was to create a guide where each topic (and associated procedures and exercises) could stand on its own. That way, you can stop and start where you like or skip around. While you can read from start to finish… if you need to learn something fast, then the “QuickStudy” allows you to easily jump to that section to pick up what you need to know.

So really… get your own copies now. At only $70/manual, you can become your own guru.

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