When you start a search in your Zoho database, a list of all records that match your criteria displays in a list view. The columns displayed in that resulting list view are dependent on the view that you started the query from.

For example, if you started the search from the All Contacts view, then you will probably see the Account Name, Contact Name, Phone, and Email fields. The “Account Name”, “Contact Name”, and “Email” fields contain hyperlinks.


If you click the Account Name of a specific record, you will immediately jump to that Account record, even if you were searching in the Contacts module. If you click the Email address, then a New Message window for your default email provider will display and the To: populated with the selected email address. Click on the actual Contact Name or any other field that displays as black text only (e.g. Phone) to display the record in detail view.

You could also click the Edit link at the left to take you quickly into edit mode for the selected record.

Just like in any new software, the more you work in Zoho, the easier it will become.