Zoho Desk helps you delivery timely, accurate, and friendly customer service. Yet, many companies (even the big ones) miss the mark too often. If you want to wow your customers, consider a customer support software.

Having the right tools for your service reps can make the difference between a sub-par and an excellent help desk. Zoho’s solution is Zoho Desk. It is the “industry’s first context-aware help desk software that helps businesses focus on the customer.”

How Zoho Desk Differs

Zoho Desk makes it easy for reps to focus on the customer. They offer an intuitive dashboard that lets agents see their entire workflow on one easy-to-read screen. Log in and instantly see which support tickets need immediate attention, and put all of your tickets into context.

Like Zoho’s other products, Desk is visual. Reps can gather information at a quick glance, rather than digging through emails and issues one at a time.

Because Desk integrates with Zoho’s other products, all of the customer’s information is available to the service representative at any time. The agent can see all of the data in CRM (including the Deals). They can also have a view into the client’s payment status via the integration with Zoho Books. If the client is behind in their payments, the agent can quickly resend any outstanding invoices to help bring the customer up to date prior to additional help desk support.This gives everyone who speaks with the customer a complete picture of their issues and profile (no more asking the customer to re-explain the problem to each new rep). In CRM, your sales team can view the status of any outstanding support tickets for each client.

The agents (and sales team) no longer have to switch tabs or dig for information. It’s all right there.

A Support Desk Within Reach

If your customers can’t reach you for support issues, they won’t be very happy. Today, customers reach out in a variety of ways – email, phone, live chat, social media, and more.

Desk makes it easy for reps to engage customers wherever they are. The software makes it convenient for your customers, no matter which method of communication they’re comfortable with.

Desk also makes it possible for the customer to find answers on their own. The knowledge base allows users to search for answers to their questions and help others via comments so they can quickly overcome their problems on their own.

Customer Support On The Go

Especially if you’re wearing multiple roles, you may find your customers reaching out while you’re away from the office. The app for IOS and Android allows users to jump in and help a customer right from their phone.

If you’re searching for a help desk program, give Zoho Desk a try!