logo for Zoho Assist consisting of a blue diamond and green diamond layered on top shape with a small circle over the layered diamonds.

Zoho Assist creates a simple process for taking virtual control of your customer’s device. Consequently allowing you to be able to deliver the level of customer service they need. It allows you to help with training and saves time for you and your reps.

It’s an easy-to-use software program that allows you to instantly offer remote desktop or mobile phone support for your customers. Furthermore, it’s a great way to keep resolution times short and customer happiness high!

Zoho Assist Features

Zoho Assist comes with features built for small and medium-sized businesses that work with customers. Especially businesses in the software industry. Here are some key features:

  • Support On-Demand. Assist doesn’t require customers to install software ahead of time. It’s easy for a rep to jump when needed and provide support.
  • File Transfer. If the customer needs a quick patch or software update, an agent can quickly send a file during the session and get it installed or updated almost immediately.
  • Customer Widget. Place the customer widget on your website and allow customers to join a remote session with just a few clicks.
  • Rebook and Connect. If needed, reboot a remote computer. When the computer reboots, you’ll reconnect without losing control of the session.

Remote Support On The Go

Like Zoho’s other software, Assist works well on mobile. Rather than having to stay close to your computer, you can move around and still assist customers or co-workers from your mobile device.


Seamless integrations mean Zoho Assist can transfer data and sync with the other tools you use inside your business. Whether you use Zoho Desk or ZenDesk, Zoho Assist can connect to your help desk software. Begin a remote support session right from a ticket, rather than having to transfer or switch software.

Assist offers all the features your help desk will need for remote assistance. It is the most secure in the industry. Ultimately making Zoho Assist a great option for software businesses who want to speed up their resolution time and increase customer satisfaction!

If you’ve ever felt the need to jump through the computer to assist a customer but didn’t have the tools, consider Assist. It’s a frustration-free solution for your customers and an excellent tool for your service reps.