You and your reps are out and about, but you still need to take care of business. Having to stop by the office to download a PDF, print, and sign documents is a thing of the past. Today’s technology makes it easy to securely sign your documents, right on your mobile device. You can also automatically track open rates and document signing times. But Zoho Sign takes it a step further.

Like the other software solutions available from Zoho, this digital signature app integrates with their entire Zoho suite. No more printing, faxing, or scanning to get signed contracts. Save time with automated contract reviews and approval processes.

Not only can you sign documents when needed, but you can easily send them out as well. This makes it easy to pull a document from your CRM and quickly shoot it over to a client.

The e-signature app also integrates with other everyday apps your business uses, like Box, Dropbox, Gmail, and OneDrive. Depending on how you work, this can save you a lot of time. Imagine signing a document directly inside your Gmail inbox, for example.

Overall, this makes for a very easy eSign experience. Here’s what you can expect from Zoho Sign:

Role-Based Access

Stay in control by setting permissions and defining user roles to grant or deny access to the documents.

Multi-Factor Authentication

Protect documents with authentication codes delivered directly to signers via email to secure your documents.

Bank-Level Security

Enjoy peace of mind with Zoho Sign’s bank-level encryption for your data. Our robust permission controls make it safer.

Audit Trail

A clear, consistent, and highly detailed audit trail tracks every step of the signature process ensuring that your digital signatures are fully legal.

Besides the above features, you can also communicate inside the app. This way, you can send a note to others (such as reminders, deadlines, or notifications). This keeps everyone on the same page throughout the signing process.

Sending is Simple

Simply hop into the app and select a record to send the document to (this data is connected to your CRM). Then, select a source to find your document (CRM or desktop, for example). Once you find your document, choose one or more recipients. If you need multiple signatures, you can also choose the order in which you’d like recipients to sign. Add notes, a description, or any other information needed for the signing process. You can also select a deadline or set up automated reminders.

That’s it! Now you can check the status of your documents, and see who documents have been sent to. The electronic signature app is intuitive to use, and is the perfect add-on to your existing Zoho CRM if you are signing or sending documents!

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