Zoho Vault is a password managers keep your passwords safe without forcing you to remember long complicated passwords, have to write them down on spreadsheets that can fall into the wrong hands, or lose track of accounts.

If you’re fumbling between spreadsheets, or if your elaborate sticky note system isn’t working any longer, it’s time for a password manager.

And the right password manager will even let you manage passwords among teams, so you can safely share login credentials with everyone who needs to access the accounts.

If this all sounds good, why not try Zoho Vault?

Vault is a Zoho product that is built for teams who want to keep passwords safe, organized, and available to the right people at the right time.

Store, Share, and Manage

Storing, sharing, and managing passwords is what Vault is all about. The passwords that you store in the vault are encrypted with the strongest encryption standard. This means they’re safe, and you don’t have to worry about keeping them in Vault, so you can keep them all in one safe location.

When you share with your team, you’ll be able to choose which common passwords to let others have access to. You can also provide passwords to people in bulk by allowing access to a group. Remove someone from the group at any time and they will no longer get access to those shared accounts.

Members of your group can have different access privileges. Not everyone needs to have access to every password inside Vault. You get to pick!

When you’re ready to log in and use your passwords, just head on over to the site and log in. There’s no need to manually enter passwords, the program takes care of that for you!

Vault seamlessly integrates with a number of apps that you use regularly so you can opt for one-click sign on for a variety of productivity apps (such as Dropbox, Windows AD, Office-365, Google, and more).

Vault lets you manage passwords from anywhere, right from your mobile device, so you’ll never get stuck in a situation where you need to get back to the office to give someone access to an account.

If you’re ready to start storing, sharing and managing passwords with your entire team, Zoho Vault might be the answer. With easy to access passwords for your whole team, it’s easy to keep everyone plugged into the necessary accounts.