This video was part of a webinar series sponsored by Zoho. It reviews the Zoho CRM Scoring feature that is available for Leads, Contacts, Accounts and Deals.

While the process for actually setting up Scores in Zoho is pretty simple, most organizations are stumped on the process for deciding what factors to use in scoring the records. The video includes a demonstration of the actual setup. However, I spend much of the time focusing on the strategy for setting up scoring.

What are Zoho CRM Scores?

Have too many leads to follow up? Not enough people or time for follow up? Zoho offers a system to prioritize your records in a more objective way. Scoring is a calculated value for a record that is based on criteria rules that you set (e.g. if Lead Status = Contacted, then add 5 points). You can also add points for prospect interactions (did they click on one of your emails, respond to a survey, did their email bounce). With a combination of the two scores, you can get a total picture of Prospects that are most likely to buy.

But… the setup takes some research on your end and most likely will require that you go back and fill in fields with data in order to be effective. Click the Full Screen icon at the lower right of the video to watch in a larger window.


Zoho CRM Scoring Worksheet Download

To download the worksheet that I reference in the video, click ScoringWorksheet.