The days of mailing paper documents, saving to a floppy, or even emailing documents for editing are gone.

Today, it’s all about the cloud.

Organizing, storing, and syncing documents is effortless when done on the cloud.

No one downloads the wrong version, no one holds up progress because of a day out of the office, and a computer crash no longer means losing everything.

Cloud storage is simple and easy, especially when multiple people need to access and edit a single document.

There are plenty of online document storage solutions out there, but Zoho has brought their unique flare to Docs.

What Zoho Docs is All About

Docs is online document storage software built for small and medium-sized businesses. The services let you store documents, images, music, and movies on the cloud and share them with others with just a few clicks.

Zoho Docs integrates with Zoho Office Suite, so you can even create and edit documents online. No need to download, change, and upload. Just edit and go.

The editor works for documents, spreadsheets, and presentations.

It’s also easy to collaborate.

Whether you’re on mobile, your laptop, or in the office, you can always access any of your documents stored in Docs.

This means everyone else with access can also access, create, edit, and share documents at any time…from their PC, their Mac, their phone, their tablet, from anywhere.

And there’s no need to send files to your team to allow for collaboration.

Instead, just send a link. Send it privately, or share it publicly with whomever you’d like. Create permissions for read-only, read/write, read/comment, or co-own the document to control who can do what with your files.

Docs Integrates With Your Business Tools

Like Zoho’s other software solutions, Zoho Docs integrates with a number of other applications that are popular among small and medium sized businesses.

Connect your DropBox, and sync your files with Zoho Docs so you don’t have to download and upload documents. You can also move documents from Google Drive over to Docs.

Once all your documents are in Docs, it’s easy to share or access the documents with other Zoho products (like Zoho Mail or Zoho Office).

If you’re using Zoho CRM, or other Zoho products, give Docs a try. It’s an easy way to store, create, edit, and share documents with others!