Every company needs quite a bit of software in order to run their business. But buying all of that software in the past could get quite expensive (think Word, Excel, Projects, Outlook, QuickBooks, DocuSign, Survey Monkey, Constant Contact, GoToMeeting, Join.me, etc.) Not anymore.

Now, Zoho has reinvented they way you can do business. They have created applications you can use to run your entire business. Really! This is the best suite of apps I’ve ever seen. They have over 40+ applications (with more on the way) that you can use to run your entire business. And all of the apps are on the web, so you can access them from any device, from anywhere. No more downloading updates. No more software breaking with Microsoft makes updates. They all just work… and they work together. It’s amazing to think about the power of developing a an interconnected group of online apps that work the way I need them to work.

You could buy all of these apps individually, but by subscribing to Zoho ONE for each employee in your organization, you get the Enterprise version of each of their apps for one low price that is cheaper than a single user license of Zoho CRM Enterprise edition. How can that be? Seems ridiculous, I know.

Zoho One is pricing bundle for Zoho’s all-in-one suite that can run your entire business all for one price and with one login.

What is the difference?

Zoho ONE requires you to buy a license for each employee of the company…not just those who will use the CRM. Each employee can be allowed to use over 40 apps for the ridiculously low price of $35/employee/month or $360/employee/year (Zoho CRM Enterprise alone is priced at $40/user/month). An employee can use all apps, one app or no apps.

So for small to medium-sized companies, it is a no-brainer.

Let’s say you have a company of 25 employees with 10 team members that use CRM, 5 that use Project, 1 that uses People (HR software), 2 that use Books. And the other team members may never log into Zoho (unless they use the Mail account).

But no matter. Even if some employees never have a need to log in to any of the programs, buying the Zoho ONE licenses for the entire company of 25 is still only a fraction of the price that you would be charged for buying all of the apps you want to use individually.

I am blogging on each of the Zoho apps that are included in this bundle, to let you know what I like best about all of them. You can still subscribe to each of them individually, but, together, they are a dream for any business.