You can setup the Zoho CRM Mobile app on your smart phone or tablet by downloading and installing the free Zoho CRM app from the Apple App Store or Google Play Store. This will allow you to view your contacts, accounts, potentials, events and tasks on your device in a Zoho CRM app (not the built-in Address Book or Calendar).

After you have installed the app on your device, login with your username and password.

When you sign in to Zoho CRM mobile, 1000 records in the Contacts module and 200 records each of the other modules will be downloaded. The records selected for adding are based on the Last Modified date field. You can later download more records (200 per download) by using the scroll bar to drag to the bottom of the list and clicking the Download button.

To configure Zoho CRM Mobile Settings on your device, touch the Settings widget (looks like a gear in the lower corner on the Home screen or like 3 vertical dots on module screens). From there you can:

  • Make changes to how Leads and Contacts are displayed (Last Name, First or First Name Last Name)
  • Define the Nearby Settings  within 5 to 100 miles
  • Limit your search parameters by up to 4 fields per module
  • Opt to log incoming calls to your phone (my favorite)
  • Define how you want to receive notification settings
  • Within each module, you can define even more settings (like sorting tasks by Due Date or Priority)