Your customers’ opinions matters. Making it easy to share that opinion means more quality data at your fingertips.

That’s what Zoho Survey is all about. Zoho Survey allows businesses to create surveys in just minutes and lets you reach your audience wherever they are.

Survey allows businesses to translate surveys, go offline, and even respond on mobile. Once you get your data, visually see results in real-time for easy analysis.

Integrated Surveys

Surveys integrates with Zoho CRM, Campaigns and SalesIQ, This means your data has more meaning because you can collect and view it in more contexts.

For example, send out surveys inside your CRM and view results inside individual profiles. Now, everyone who comes in contact with customers can have a complete picture of your customer’s opinions. Create Net Promoter style questions. Add Star ratings for customer feedback types of questions. Include ability for the customer to upload files (and be automatically attached to the record in CRM).

What’s inside Survey

Zoho designs robust software perfect for small and medium-sized businesses. Survey is no different. Here are some of the features I think you’ll love most:

Easy to use. The intuitive design means anyone can build and publish a survey. It only takes a few minutes. Start with one of the templates, or build your survey from scratch.

Share. All surveys can be hosted on your own domain, or you can quickly embed them on your site. Or you can reach your audience via email by sending your surveys straight to their inbox. It’s easy because Surveys integrates with both Zoho CRM and Zoho Campaigns and MailChimp.

Multi-lingual. Translate your surveys to more than 30 languages and reach a wider audience.

Go offline. Allow your mobile team to collect survey responses offline, then upload them when you’re back in the office.

Go mobile. Let your audience tap into the survey from anywhere, even mobile.

Branching and logic. Pre-populate answers and create follow-up questions, or create surveys that are relevant to a segment of your audience. It’s all possible with branching and logic.

Zoho Surveys is a practical choice for businesses who want to poll their audience. If bringing in customer feedback is part of your practice, watch the getting started video below and then give this survey software a try!