At this point, it’s safe to say that social media has fully infiltrated both our personal and commercial space.

Businesses use social media to market, sell, connect with, and service customers. It’s a big part of many small and medium-sized businesses’ plan!

That means social media management is also a big job. With the growing number of platforms, constantly changing algorithms, and the expectation that there will be never-ending daily posts, it can quickly consume your day.

Zoho’s social media management software is aiming to change that. It’s called Zoho Social, and it’s designed specifically for growing businesses and agencies.

The software allows for management of multiple social networks, pre-scheduled posts, collaboration, and key metric management all from one dashboard.


How Social Helps Growing Businesses Grow

Social has built-in features that make growing a business on social media a little less tricky than going solo.

The scheduled posts feature means you can create posts in bulk and schedule to send them out at the best times. Social even comes with a prediction engine which helps your media manager decide when the most optimal time to schedule is. This helps your content reach more people.

Other data is also available for optimal decision making. Social comes with a number of ready-made reports, but you can also create your own to reflect the data that matters most to you.

Now that you’re operating optimally, you’ll see your engagement increase. And when it does, you’ll be ready.

Instant notifications inside Social let you respond and engage. You can even use the app on your mobile phone, so you don’t have to wait to get back to the office to keep your customers engaged.

But the responsibility doesn’t have to land on just one person. Social allows team members to collaborate inside the software. Tag teammates, ask for feedback, collaborate on posts, or discuss reports together.

This way, your whole team can weigh in and you can all make decisions together.

Social is Mobile

Responding to your audience isn’t the only thing that you can do on Social’s mobile app. The social media management software has thought of everything you may want to do while away from your desktop.

The app even works offline so you can create drafts and post later. You can also capture moments throughout your day and they’ll be right there waiting for you or your team inside Social.

Social can do a lot to help you grow your social media presence.

If you’re a growing business, consider giving Social a try. Other small businesses love it. The software has already been a category leader on G2Crowd, GetApp, and Capterra.