I’ve asked some stand-up comics, a live audience can be tough to win over! A big factor can be dry content that results in the lack of audience participation ie. laughs. Zoho ShowTime is making it easier to deliver what an audience wants with their slideshow tool. ShowTime’s basic goal is to give presenters the tools to communicate with and engage with their audience.

Similarly, offering the same dry PowerPoint presentation that lacks audience engagement only makes it harder to gain return customers. Thus making it harder for the presenter to gain return and/or new audiences. Today, our audiences expect entertainment, engagement, and constant stimulation.

Zoho ShowTime is an interactive presentation & delivery tool that lets the audience engage with the slides in a familiar, social media-like way. We have noticed that the end result is a more engaged audience and a more informed and confident speaker.

Key Features of Zoho ShowTime

Zoho ShowTime’s main goal is to be a complete online training platform. ShowTime capitalizes on social media culture by turning a presenter’s slide deck into an engaging experience that audiences can interact with right from their devices. The slideshow can be shared via a screen share, or shared with members of the audience via their phones.

Once a slideshow is created and shared, the audience can browse the slides, “like” the slides they resonate with, and leave questions for the presenter. The presenter is able to answer questions throughout the presentation because they’re already queued up and ready to go. Furthermore, ShowTime gives you the ability to easily share material and use the whiteboard feature.

Zoho ShowTime has the ability to add polls and quizzes to the presentation to spark up a conversation mid-presentation and get that audience engaged. Additionally, it allows you to collect revenue for your webinars or training by having the ability to integrate a payment gateway. You can also record and share session videos with your attendees.

Reports Available

Once you’re back to your hotel or office, you will be able to see the results. Instantly get data about which slides the audience engaged with, based on their likes and data. This way you’re able to find out which common questions pop up. Then you can make adjustments for the next time. Similarly, the report and analytics tool will help you to refine and improve your trainings and webinars.

Set goals for engagement and understanding to improve for next time. The tools are all there for better presentations!

Train Virtually

No need to travel the globe, presenters can easily connect with trainees around the world using the virtual platform. This makes for more cost-effective, standardized training across company locations. Also, it can lower the company overhead! No more renting out locations and paying for catering. If you are traveling and won’t be near a desktop, it’s easy to take ShowTime on the road with you with the mobile app.

The Zoho ShowTime mobile app allows a presenter to control the flow of the presentation right from a smartphone. Plus, the app works for attendees too. It also allows the audience to continue interacting with the presentation. They can view the slides from anywhere, as long as they have the app.

If team training and presenting is a part of your organization’s needs, Zoho ShowTime is here to help you engage and improve. Plus, we would love to hear how ShowTime is working for you and your team. So don’t forget to comment below.