urrounding yourself with smart, capable team members to help your business grow is one of the smartest decisions a business owner can make. But it can feel like sorting through a haystack for that proverbial needle. It takes diligence, patience, and a whole lot of applicant tracking.

Zoho Recruit is software designed to help bring in new talent, build teams, and keep your entire applicant tracking system organized in the process.

That’s important because staying organized is one of the first steps in never missing a great hire!

The tool has everything needed for both HR teams and staffing agencies.

How Recruit Works

Recruit is designed to give businesses an edge in a competitive market. That starts by getting the word out about the position. Post to job boards, social media, or even creates a careers page.

Once the resumes start coming in, keep them organized while still handling daily tasks. Parse resumes from the inbox and transfer candidate information straight to your Recruit database. Capture any resume, highlight the information you want to import and click to move the information into Recruit. Grab resumes from anywhere, even straight from LinkedIn.

This way, there’s a quick view and an easy way to track applicants. The resume data will be saved into the database, so you can map fields inside Recruit and see everything all at once. It’s also possible to parse resumes from the web with the Recruit Resume Extractor for Google Chrome.

Now that the information is where you need it, it’s easy to run reports and get insight into the interview status, current job openings, and more.

Automate any part of the work process like emails, interview statuses, and updates. Keep everyone on your team in the loop by tracking the calls, emails, and text messages between your team and the clients.


Today’s job market requires recruiting from multiple sources and using many tools to reach ideal candidates. Recruit makes that easy by allowing users to integrate with LinkedIn, MS Outlook, Twitter, Facebook, Zoho Mail, Zoho CRM, Zoho Reports, and even Zapier to make it easy to connect with even more apps.

If you need something to handle applicant tracking and talent management, Zoho Recruit can help you get the job done. With a number of features designed for recruiting in today’s job market, the software can help you get the job done and stay more organized while doing it!