Human resource management is a big job. Why not make it a little easier with intuitive software to help manage HR workflows

Zoho People is just that.

It boasts the “perfect HR software to manage your workforce,” and I agree.

The software has all the features that a small or medium-sized business would appreciate but isn’t as complicated or clunky as the HR software that big enterprises rely on.

Here’s what to expect if you decide to give People a try.

How People Makes HR Management Simple

Zoho People comes with a host of features that makes managing HR an easy task.

For starters, People places all of your HR administrative actions in one spot, so there’s no more switching between software to find or input the data you need.

From that central spot, you can search employees, set favorites, view organization trees, and analyze attrition reports. It’s all right there on the dashboard.

But if you’d rather your employees take care of some things themselves, that’s ok too.

The software comes with a self-service feature so employees can log in and update their personal data, skill sets, check in or out (time sheet), or even request vacation time.

Managers have access to this data, so they can see what their team is doing and approve scheduling or time-off.

You can also track that time-off, scheduling, and attendance inside People. From the software, an admin can create a timesheet, schedule a job, or pull in attendance records from other devices.

When it’s time for employee performance reviews, you’ll love that the data is all collected in one spot. This lets you set goals and gather feedback. You can see areas in which employees need to improve and help employees move closer to their goals.

The entire system is very agile, so you can create customizations when needed. For example, it’s easy to add custom forms and connect with third-party applications that your HR team already uses.

Much of what your HR team does can be automated inside People. For example, you can set alerts and reminders about birthdays or work anniversaries, or set email notifications about changes in data (like position changes).

Here’s What You Can Do With People

This HR software can truly become your go-to software to manage all of your human resource management needs if you want it to be.

With the software, you can manage payslip generation, travel management, employee separation, onboarding, employee database management, self-service, attendance, leave management, benefits, performance appraisal, time trackers, and more.

If your HR software is lacking, or if your team is ready for easier HR resource management, check out People.

The software is part of the Zoho suite, easy to use, and can help your HR team save time and keep track of their most important data!