If you sell physical products, accurate inventory management is a must.

This inventory management software from Zoho is the perfect way to accurately manage every unit.

It’s simply called, “Inventory,” and it can help small and medium-sized businesses run a more efficient business.

How Inventory Can Help Your Business

When you have a clear view of what’s happening with your business, it’s easier to make better decisions. Inventory makes seeing the bigger picture a simple task.

For example, their multi-channel inventory management system lets you see your Amazon, eBay, Etsy, or Shopify account in one spot so you don’t have to piece together data from every platform.

It also lets you blend offline orders with online. One system handles it all, including backorders or drop shipments.

If you’re working with multiple warehouses, you can transfer items between locations and see stock levels at any warehouse.

Ship It

Inventory lets you see real-time shipping rates and choose the best one.

Because Inventory integrates with popular carriers, you can see in-transit details after your item leaves the warehouse.


Whatever software solutions your business currently uses, you’ll likely find integration with Zoho Inventory. In addition to the payment gateways, Inventory can link to Zoho’s other business software solutions such as Zoho CRM and Zoho Books.

These integrations mean less double entry, less transcription errors, and more time to run your business (not type in data).

When a purchase is made on one channel, all other channels are instantly updated. There’s no need to manually calculate and update on all platforms.

Integrations mean all of your software can communicate with each other, sync data, and help you run a more efficient business.

See Your Stats

Zoho Inventory has a great dashboard. Like many of Zoho’s products, this dashboard is visually appealing. With just a quick glance, you can see all of your data without digging through numbers and reports.

This allows a decision maker to gather all the information about inventory levels and product sales to make the best decision about marketing, sales, and reorders.

Zoho Inventory is a great option for any business that sells physical products, especially for those that sell on multiple channels. If that’s you, consider giving Zoho Inventory a try (especially if you’re already a fan of the CRM).