Changing Zoho Login Email Address

If you need to swap out your email login or if your company has updated their domain name through a merger or marketing update, you will want to also update your login to Zoho. The email that you use as your primary email address for Zoho is what will be used when you send out any emails from Zoho.

You can catch a quick video here or follow the steps below.|

Procedure to update your Zoho email login:

  1. Click your avatar at the upper right
  2. Click My Account
  3. Confirm your email and password if prompted
  4. Under Profile at the left, click Email Address
  5. Click the +Add Email Address hyperlink
  6. Add the new email and click Add
  7. Check you email for the Zoho Verification (OTP) code
  8. Return to Zoho and paste the code in and click Verify
  9. Point to the new email and click the grey star at the right to make it your primary email.

This new login email is used as the Send From address when sending email from Zoho.