Sometimes, a phone call is just overkill.
That’s why chat is preferred in many cases, but most chat and messenger platforms are built for social, not for work.
Zoho’s chat app is different. It’s called Cliq, and it’s built just for work.
Cliq lets team members chat in real time without waiting on email, and without having to pick up a phone. You can search for departments or project names or people and immediately find yourself up to date.
It’s also great for new team members. It allows them to see the thread of team interactions.

Cliq’s Features

Cliq acts like a messenger app, not an email inbox. This makes for quick chats during the work day, without getting wrapped up in emails. The chat feature is instant, so there’s no waiting on servers to send and receive.
Plus, Cliq just makes work more fun. You can even add a little fun to your day with emojis.
If you need to share a file, it can be easily done inside Cliq. Just drag and drop to add documents or images and Cliq will send it over in real-time, just like a text chat
Take advantage of the unlimited storage feature to share files within chat. Or, jump on a quick video chat (it’s unlimited, even on the free plan).
The mobile app lets you stay connected with your team even when you’re not in the office.
However you decide to use Cliq, it’s there when your team needs to communicate and collaborate.


Cliq integrates with the other Zoho products for business within the Zoho line (CRM, Expense,Invoice, Books, Subscriptions, Desk, People, Calendar and Flow). As you move from one Zoho product to the next, the Cliq toolbar follows you from one product to the next. So no matter where you are, you can continue your conversation on Cliq. They also have quite a few third-party integrations with Trello, Dropbox, DocuSign, etc.
This means you can grab invoices, reports, contact info, or any other piece of data you need and then send it via Cliq. It only takes one-word commands to initiate the action. It’s the simplest way to communicate the most important information with your team! It’s all easily within reach.
Overall, the team communication software from Zoho makes keeping in contact with your team a pleasant experience, whether in or out of the office.