Traditional Project Management follows a waterfall type of approach, where the entire project is mapped from start to finish with dependencies all along the way.

However, if your project management method of choice is agile or scrum, you’ll love Zoho’s project management software that is built for the agile team. It’s called Sprints. Going agile has never been this easy.

The software brings together everything an agile team needs to plan, execute, and review scrum sprints with ease.

One of the main advantages of the software is the clean interface and clutter-free look that lets teams focus on their project, not on managing the project.

Like most of Zoho’s products, it’s mobile friendly so you can be involved, even on mobile. Here’s a quick look at what Sprints offers.

Sprints’ Features

Sprints revolve around Scrum Boards, which house your projects. They’re an easy (and visual) way to stay on track.

Move tasks from the prioritized list from the last sprint over to the new sprint, so your team remains focused on the most important to-do items.

Everyone can see what’s happening on the Scrum Board. It’s the place to track tasks that still need to get done, see what’s in-progress, and what’s already done. There is also the ability to add a custom column, so you’re never pigeonholed into what comes out-of-box.

To get a higher level view, you’ll need to jump on the dashboard. This will provide a quick snapshot of the most engaged users, a quick summary, planned vs. graphed and more.

The analytics are simple to read. Included are velocity charts, burn-down reports, and Cumulative Flow Diagrams. These are great to reflect on while reviewing a Sprint so you can implement changes to the next one.

When it’s time to interact with your team, schedule planning, reviews, and retrospectives inside the app. The app will remind everyone involved and live within a feed for each project.

The entire team can view the project from anywhere, as long as they have a smartphone and have installed the Sprints app.

They can even see reports and collaborate with other team members inside the app.

If you’re thinking of going agile, or if you’ve already made the switch but need a tool that helps manage the process, you will love Zoho Sprints