Are you considering either agile or scrum as a project management methodology for your team? Are you having trouble with planning, managing, and developing tasks for your project? If yes, then Zoho Sprints is the ideal project management tool for you. Going Agile has never been this easy. 

The software brings together everything an agile team needs to plan, execute and review scrum sprints with ease.

Companies all across the globe are implementing Scrum and the Agile approach for their project to be able to deliver quality projects by dividing the project into smaller phases and get real-time feedback from the clients. Through Zoho Sprints, you can accommodate your project team by managing your tasks and resources while following the agile or scrum approach.  

One of the main advantages of the software is the clean interface and clutter-free look which helps teams focus on project tasks, rather than the management.

Sprints’ Features

Track your team’s progress through Zoho Sprint’s Scrum board which ensures that you are on top of your tasks.

You can easily personalize and implement swim lanes, activity graphs, and charts with custom statuses to track your activity. Move tasks from the prioritized list from the last sprint over the new sprint, so your team remains focused on the most important to-do items.

Another feature of Zoho Sprints that will assist in keeping track of tasks per team member is the dashboard. Dashboard will provide you a quick snapshot of the most engaged users, a quick summary, planned vs graphed charts, etc.

Analytics are simple to read and include velocity charts, burn-down reports, and cumulative flow diagrams. Each user can personalize their dashboard based on their preferences.

When it’s time to interact with your team, schedule planning, reviews, and retrospectives inside the app. The app will remind everyone involved and live within a feed for each project.

The entire team can view the project from anywhere, as long as they have a smartphone and have installed the Sprints app.

They can even see reports and collaborate with other team members inside the app.

Communication is extremely important in any project. When it’s time to interact with your team, schedule planning, reviews, and retrospectives in your sprints app. With Meetings section in your Sprints, You can easily view all of your agile meetings for the day or week in an instance.

Like most Zoho products, You can download Zoho Sprints app on your phone and the entire team can view the project from anywhere in a quick instance. 

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