Having too many projects isn’t a bad problem for a business to have… unless that business is having trouble organizing those projects.
As teams grow, there are more people to loop in, more documents to track, and more details that begin to blend together.
A good project management software keeps everything organized and keeps people on the same page.
More than a million businesses already use Zoho Projects to manage their ongoing workload. This includes companies like Timex, Netflix, and Intel.
That’s because Zoho Projects makes it easy to create and manage projects, even when there are lots of things happening at once.
This is made possible with endless features, a visual interface, and smart integrations.

Projects’ Features

At the heart of all project management software is organization.
Zoho uses Gantt Charts to visualize projects as they move through the phases. This is a simple visualization method that helps everyone on your team get an at-a-glance update. It uses KanBan boards to track tasks by List or Priority or % Completed.
Projects also makes a host of other project management tasks simple for everyone involved.
Each project can be divided into milestones, tasklists, tasks, and subtasks to help stay organized. The entire team can pitch in and collaborate with feeds, activity streams, chat, forums, and even a wiki.
Once that project is moving, it’s time to track the results. Projects makes that easy with quick reports and charts.
For example, keep track of your team’s time with the timesheets feature. You can even take that time and invoice clients based on that time straight from the system.
Another necessary feature for small businesses is the ability to easily share files and documents. Having project management software that doesn’t make it easy to collaborate is pointless. That’s why Projects makes it easy for everyone to collaborate. Share files and make comments right inside the portal.
One of the best features Projects offers is the ability to communicate with other software programs that businesses use regularly. Projects makes it simple to integrate with Zoho’s other tools (like CRM) as well as third party programs.

Where Zoho Projects Shines

Projects really shines in two areas: visually organizing data and communicating with team members.
The data is visually organized and it’s easy to see what needs to get done next.
Everyone on the project can access the “Home” screen which shows the most important project stats in “widgets.”
Users can glance at an overview, all of their Projects and sort them by tasks, by issues, by overdue items, by milestones, and by today’s items.
This makes seeing a combined task list and getting right to work easy for everyone involved.
Team members can collaborate using a variety of communication options (email, Slack, forums, etc.). You can even invite outside Contractors or Clients to participate in the project. With Internal (private) and External (public) task lists, it is easy to keep the client informed on a need to know basis.

How Zoho’s Project Management Software Stacks Up

Projects is ideal for small teams or freelancers. If you have a large business or enterprise, you may need additional features.
If you’re already using Zoho software to organize your contacts or sales, consider using Projects to stay on top of tasks.
The design is intuitive and the features make projects (even complex ones) easy to keep organized.