Having too many projects isn’t a bad problem for a business to have… unless that business is having trouble organizing those projects.
As teams grow, there are more people to loop in, more documents to track, and more details that begin to blend together.

That’s because Zoho Projects makes it easy to create and manage projects, even when there are lots of things happening at once.

This is made possible with endless features, a visual interface, and smart integrations.

Projects’ Features

At the heart of all project management software is organization.

A project consists of several tasks and milestones that need to be tracked and constantly updated. Through Zoho Projects, Businesses can easily plan, collaborate and track their projects while ensuring high productivity and effective team management.

Some of Zoho Project’s features include an ability to create Project Summary Reports, Timesheets, Resource Allocation Charts, and Gantt Charts to monitor and visualize projects as they progress.

You also have the ability to create tasks and subtasks for your team and through projects.

Zoho Projects also makes billing easier by its capability to manage expenses and invoices which helps you bill clients based on the amount of time spent on a project.

For instance, keep track of your team’s time with the timesheets feature. You can even take that time and invoice clients based on that time straight from the system.
Another necessary feature for small businesses is the ability to easily share files and documents.
Having project management software that doesn’t make it easy to collaborate is pointless.
That’s why Projects makes it easy for everyone to collaborate. Share files and make comments right inside the portal.

Where Zoho Projects Shines

Projects really shines in two areas: team collaboration and data visualization.

An essential feature for most businesses is the ability to communicate effectively with employees and being able to share files and documents.

Through Zoho Projects, Teams can successfully collaborate through use of Forums, Feeds, Chats, and Activity Stream. Companies can also use Workdrive and Zoho Sheets to better manage their documents and files.

Data in Zoho Projects is visually managed and organized. Everyone on the project can access the “Home” screen which shows the most important stats in “widgets.” Users can glance at a chart for an overview of their assignments and tasks to track their milestones in a project.

How Zoho’s Project Management Software Stacks Up

Zoho Projects gives users the capability to integrate with Zoho Products such as CRM, Cliq, Workdrive, and several other third-party applications such as Microsoft Team, Dropbox, Zendesk, ServiceNow, etc.

Projects is ideal for small teams or freelancers. If you have a large business or enterprise, you may need to consider additional features. 

If you’re already using Zoho applications to organize your contacts or sales, consider using Projects to stay on top of tasks.

Zoho Project’s intuitive design and convenient features make it one of the best project management tools in the market.

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