There are plenty of online meeting programs out there, but none quite like Zoho Meeting.

Meetings is easy to use, visually appealing, and integrates with the services that most small businesses use to operate daily. It’s a robust conferencing solution with a host of rich features from webinars to online meetings. Additionally, you can allow users to share their webcam, create and share recordings of the meetings. You can even collect Analytics on your Webinars.

While most online meeting software solutions make the user choose between large-scale broadcasts and intimate meetings, Zoho Meeting allows the user to have it all.

Lastly, there are no limits! Host as many meetings and broadcasts as you’d like, there are no credits to use up.

Robust Features

Similar to Zoho’s entire product suite, the features you’ll find inside Meeting is best for small and medium-sized businesses. Here are the features I think you’ll love the most:

  • Interact with your audience. Whether you’re hosting one or many presentations, it’s easy to let your audience interact. Plus, instantly share your screen or change presenters at any time.
  • Invite with ease. Embed a widget into your site so people can join conveniently.
  • Access anywhere. Join or host a webinar from anywhere with an internet connection, even mobile.
  • Collaborate. Stick to audio, video, or chat for easy collaborations.
  • Simple RSVPs. Add calendar links to email confirmations that integrate with Outlook, Zoho Mail, Gmail and more.


Zoho is the king of integrations, and Meeting is no different. Plus it connects with Google Apps! This means it’s easy to add a meeting link to a calendar event or send a quick invite to your team.

Additionally, the software also connects with other Zoho products, such as Zoho CRM, Zoho Calendar, and Zoho Chat.

How Meeting Stacks Up

Compare Zoho Meeting to other online meeting services, such as GoToMeeting, Join Me, or WebEx and try it out for yourself!

It provides many of the same features as other competitors, and offers some additional features such as the ability to embed a meeting into a website, the ability to switch presenters, and corporate branding.

Finally, if you’re looking for a simple online conferencing software that can handle small meetings, webinars, and audio calls, give Meeting a try!