Make collaborating easy with Zoho Connect. It’s team collaboration software that lets you connect with your team, no matter where you are.

Connect is a robust tool perfect for team collaboration. If you haven’t quite found your team communication app, Connect might just be it.

The goal is to make working as a team easier (think Asana or Slack, but on the Zoho platform). One team member can ask a question, add an update or post messages for the entire group. Other team members can add answers, give support, or just read the threads to keep up to date on entire projects.

Using Zoho Connect

Connect organizes knowledge all in one place so everyone can access the assets they need when it’s time to get to work.

This includes a knowledge base. The knowledge base is a great place to organize procedures, style guides, or best practices in one spot so every member of your team can access information quickly and easily.

It’s also a great place to keep files. Store files directly in Connect and allow every member of a group to access them whenever needed. Or, use the editor to create documents, spreadsheets, and presentations directly on the platform.

Once a document is created, everyone can see updated versions and see a timeline of changes so details are never missed. Store those documents into folders and sub-folders to stay organized.

Integrate Connect

Zoho Connect works well with a number of other programs that small businesses use frequently like Google Drive, Box, OneDrive or Dropbox. The integration makes it easy to grab files from both Zoho Docs and one of these third-party programs.

The integrations save time and make for easier workflows (no switching in and out of programs to grab data).


Connect has one feature that most other team collaboration programs don’t, they make automation easy.

Connect includes custom forms that let you tailor the app to suit your needs. Yes, this would typically require coding. However, Connect provides a drag-and-drop function so non-coders can build out automation tools too.

Trigger actions and customize workflows based on what comes through those forms. When input is received, create a set of actions to take place automatically.

Because Connect integrates with a number of apps, it’s easy to automate the workflow and take it outside of Connect.

Especially consider giving Connect a try if you’re already a part of the Zoho family. The ability to connect with the tools you already use makes using Connect to work with teams even more effective!