Once a prospect or customer raises their hand and says, “yes, I’d like to keep in contact with your company,” you want to make sure you honor that relationship. There are many email marketing and drip marketing programs out there to help you do that, but none that integrate with your existing business tools, quite like Zoho Campaigns.

I credit a lot of our success in business to our drip marketing strategy, and a product like Zoho Campaigns works perfectly with our goals.

You can create single-send campaigns (like announcements or newsletters) as well as automated drip campaigns that contain a pre-defined series of messages. A few software packages will do this, but the integration between Zoho CRM and Zoho Campaigns is beautiful and makes pulling and blending data a breeze.

Integrate With Common Tools

Integration is always one of Zoho’s strengths, but Campaigns goes a step further. Each day, all records in your CRM that match your set criteria will be synced to Campaigns. You can also set the sync to bring back user interactions so that you can see who opened or clicked the email you sent. You can also set scoring rules for the template so that if users view or click the template multiple times, their scores will come back into the CRM record so that you can focus on the Clients and prospects with the highest user engagement scores.

In addition to integrating with the Zoho suite, Campaigns also integrates easily with a number of popular business tools. For example, you can include likes to your Linkedin, Facebook, and Twitter accounts. You can also use the same accounts to share your campaigns socially. Connect to Eventbrite to send campaigns to your Eventbrite contacts. Pull in contacts from G Suite. Shoot off products and sales from Shopify. Create stunning image and video campaigns by linking to Flickr, YouTube, or Vimeo, and more. It also connects with Zoho Forms, Zoho Surveys, Zoho Docs, and Zoho Sites.

Whatever you can imagine with Campaigns, you can likely do with one of their integrations.

Other Campaigns’ Features

Campaigns is full of features that are beneficial to small and medium-sized businesses.

Email Automation. Automation allows you to shoot off messages at the right time to the right people, all on autopilot. You can create a series of messages that go out at pre-determined intervals to help your customers decide to buy. If you would like to see a sample of how this works, sign up for our tips. They are on an autoresponder that will send out a daily tip for the next 7 days. https://zcrmhelp.com/zohotips/

Make it beautiful. If you don’t have a designer at your beck and call, you can use some of the pre-designed templates and presets, making it quick to set up a campaign in just a few minutes. You’ll find templates for business emails, seasonal sales, surveys, and more. Or, import an HTML template of your own.

Spruce up any email with the built-in image editor. Quickly crop, brighten, add contrast, frames, and other features without having to leave the program.

Grow and customize your list. Add opt-in forms to your website to allow prospects to join your list. Import from an Excel sheet, or simply sync with your Zoho CRM to keep your contacts up to date. Segment your list to smaller groups to send a targeted communication at just the right time.

Measure success. Always know the state of your campaigns with the complete analytics toolbox. Quickly see opens, clicks, bounces, and more in one spot.

Send e-commerce emails. Integrate with your shopping cart to pull products, promote sales, and track every purchase. Know exactly how your campaigns are doing and which products are selling best at any given time.

Workflow rules can help you automate some of your marketing efforts, such as moving the prospect/client from one list to another based on specific conditions, like which link they clicked or did they open the email.

Saving time and making marketing easier is what Zoho Campaigns is all about. If you’re already using Zoho’s other products, consider checking out Campaigns to reach and engage your prospects and customers!