Your Zoho CRM Calendar has been updated!

It is one of the great features of using an online solution… new features are automatically added to everyone, without any scheduling to install on all company PCs. Here is what you will see:
Zoho CRM Event Dialog

When you create an Event…

  • The user interface is a little different looking… and with a few new features.
  • You can now create an “All day” Event
  • You can now send Invitations to selected Participants, that allow the end-user to automatically add the meeting to their own calendar. They can also accept or reject your invitation. This is a long-awaited and much appreciated feature.
  • There are some enhancements in setting up recurring Events (marked to “Repeat”).


When you look at the Calendar…

Zoho CRM Multi-user Calendar Display

  • Now the event scheduled from 10-4pm visually displays across all time periods, instead of only displaying in the first hour the way it did in the past.
  • Clicking on the Event in the Calendar displays a pop up where you can view or Edit details, Delete the Event, or click on the Contact/Lead to go to the owning record.
  • There is a new Options, Preferences at the top right of the calendar view where you can define the number of days to display on the weekly calendar, your start and end of day times, alarm preferences, and more.
  • Calendar Display of Multiple Users: At the upper left of the calendar you can choose which users to display. The new display format is gorgeous… especially if you have added photos for each user.  Only down-side here is that it is not very intuitive on how to change back from the multi-user display back to your own calendar. Click on the Grouping, click on Users, click on Recently Viewed and then click on My Calendar)