If you have an idea, you can build it.

Zoho Creator lets regular Joe’s build custom applications. No coding necessary.

No need for expensive developers, lengthy build time, or the ability to read and write code! Creator is designed for the average person who wants to create an application without all the hassle.

Zoho claims endless possibilities are available when using Creator. It just takes an idea and a short amount of time to bring it to life.

More than 3,000,000 people have already built a custom app with Zoho Creator. Why not be next?



Creator Features

The idea behind Creator is to allow businesses to create an application that solves their problem, without waiting for someone else to develop it, without hiring it out, and without having to code.

The features are designed to allow for quick building. The interface is drag-and-drop, allowing most users to build their application in just days.

Creator is built on Deluge, a scripting language that lets the user build the application and design and automate workflows without knowing how to code.

The software even comes with pre-built integrations, so you can create workflows and automate processes that link up with apps you already use in your business.

Or, create custom integrations with third-party apps (like PayPal, or even Zapier).

When building the app, get the whole team involved. Data is stored in the cloud, so you and your team can reach it whenever you’d like. Collaborate in real time to make changes, even on the go.

Creator can link tools together that aren’t normally linked, making it easy to build custom workflows.

For example, link a form on your website or Facebook to a separate process happening somewhere else in your business, like sending their info into an onboarding process.

Once the automation is built, you’re set to save time and focus on parts of your business that need you most.



Keep it Secure

Although Creator lives in the cloud, you have complete control over security. Share pieces of your app with the public, your team, or keep it private. The choice is yours.

Choose to assign roles to teammates so everyone has access to what they need, but not more.

If you or your team need to access the application while away from the office, that’s no problem! The mobile app makes that easy. You could even build your entire custom automation workflow on Creator from the comfort of your bed, scrolling on your smartphone!