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At YJ Bikes our eyes light up at the mere mention of bike riding. What can we say… we love to ride, the scent of bicycle chain lube, the sound of the road under our wheels, the feel of the breeze rushing by… and we want you to feel that same passion.

Whether you are riding for fun, to commute, for better health, to compete, for charity, for relaxation, or all of the above, we’re here for you.  For whatever reason you ride, Yellow Jersey Bike’s experienced staff will help you determine the best bike for you… to get your heart racing and your spirit soaring.

YJ Bike’s Service to Get You On the Road

To make sure you enjoy your new bike, we include a FREE service package with all bike purchases, including:

  • Professional bicycle assembly and adjustments
  • Free accessory installation
  • Free 30-day tune-up,
  • Plus all minor adjustments within the first year

Top-quality Brands

We have a huge selection of brands to choose from that include bicycles for the road, commuting, mountain, touring, kids, BMX, racing, and for indoor exercising.

We invite you to visit our local store to purchase a bike or other products from us. Because of the personal service involved in fitting bicycling equipment to our customers, we do not sell products over the Internet or via mail order.

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