Cornerstone Permission Marketing Policy

“I don’t want to give you my e-mail address. My inbox is full of junk already.”

We understand. We experience it too.

Unsolicited and low-value e-mails waste everyone’s time, and rarely contribute to building trust in customer-supplier relationships. However, we still believe that e-mail remains effective and convenient for customers, when used carefully and considerately.

We comply with the latest legislation and initiatives related to e-mail marketing and only send information to visitors who have provided us with their emails. Unlike many of our peers, we are willing to trade quantity for quality.

Our current unsubscription rate is under 1%.

In exchange for the permission you give us to communicate with you, we try our best to provide real value in our mailings. We have received many messages complimenting us on the information that we send out. The unsubscription rate speaks for itself.

You manage your own subscription.

All e-mails sent to our subscribers contain instructions and links for immediate unsubscription. You manage your own subscriptions directly, and are not obliged to contact us to remove you from any lists, although you are still welcome to do so.

All information provided by our customers is subject to our Privacy Policy. Our Permission Marketing Policy does not replace or supersede our Privacy Policy.

If you have received what you believe to be unsolicited e-mail from Cornerstone Solutions, or if an unsubscription request has not worked, please contact us before taking any other action. We will provide as much information as we can to help resolve it. Similarly, if you wish to unsubscribe from our mailing list, please use the unsubscribe link provided in each mail rather than using your spam filtering service. These steps will help us to maintain a high level of service.