About Us

The Back Story

After more than 20 years working with other CRMs and with over 15 books written and published on the topic, I found Zoho CRM and started working with it. We were so impressed with their products and the things that they could do, that our firm ultimately stopped supporting all other CRMs and are now focusing exclusively on Zoho products.

When we first started we soon found out that there was no place to find the answers to a ton of our questions. We spent hours doing research using online help to see what it means when you click this option or that one? We spent nights and weekends viewing YouTube videos that sometimes helped, but mostly not.

So, we gave up and did our own testing.

Finally we just ended up testing each and every one of the features we wanted to learn more about. It’s not that Zoho is hard to learn, but when each Zoho product has so many features and options that you can implement, it can be overwhelming to determine what is best for your company.

Fast forward to today

Now Cornerstone is one of Zoho’s premier Certified Consulting firms. Our founder, Susan Clark, is one of only 4 consultants in the US and 25 in the world on whom Zoho has conferred the title of Zoho Advanced Solutions Partner, acknowledging her in-depth and broad knowledge of the Zoho product lines. Zoho also awarded Susan the MVP award in 2019, given to the partner who shares their knowledge, accelerates participation within the community, and who champions Zoho. Two of our staff are also Zoho ONE certified. We also host both the Houston and Dallas Area User Groups.

Why do you care?

It means that if you hire us, we know the answer to your questions now (we don’t have to research it). Our clients hire us now because we are good and we are fast.

What do you think made the difference?

Certainly time and more client scenarios. Practice of course. But here’s what really made the difference. We have invested literally thousands of hours in doing our own testing on each and every Zoho option, so that we understand how it works. We have traveled to India multiple times and spent time learning from their product managers. We travel to their offices in California and to their headquarters in Texas several times a year and talk with the management team and the president of Zoho. We’ve spent years mastering all things Zoho.

So we wrote the book

We have loved using all of the knowledge to help our clients, but felt like we needed to do more. So, everything that we learned that made the difference between where we started out and where we are now, we organized it and wrote the Zoho CRM Everyday QuickStudy Guide. It is the only book on the market written about and focusing exclusively on Zoho CRM, with sections for the end-user on normal, everyday use and sections for the administrator covering all of the Setup commands.

And we have almost completed our new Zoho ONE QuickStudy Guide which covers all of the products in the Zoho ONE suite of apps.

You could skip reading the book

It’s true that some people don’t like to “read the book”…no problem. Because of the time that we spent in researching and writing the book (and keeping it up to date), and working with the thousands of clients in different industries and of different sizes, we know how to do whatever it is that you want to do (or even if it is possible). So now we are focused on building the same knowledge for the entire product line of over 40 integrated products. It’s a big task, but we are all committed to helping our clients get the most out of their investment. Book some time with us:

Susan Clark

Founder and CEO

Susan’s 30 years of sales/marketing experience have led her to believe that technology should support you (and not the other way around). Her focus is customizing software to reinforce corporate sales and marketing strategies. She is Zoho ONE Certified, holds the status of a Zoho Advanced Solution Partner (bestowed on less than 30 consultants worldwide), and honored by Zoho as MVP in 2019. She is the author of over 16 books on CRM and related software.

Gordon Block

Zoho ONE Certified

Gordon is Zoho ONE Certified (one of only 80 in the world). His expertise is in database design and project implementation, with emphasis on designing and implementing complicated workflows and blueprints. His background in research and profiling has greatly influenced his ability to see the whole picture for your business prior to deploying your project. His high level of patience makes him an excellent trainer.

Zach Spader

Zoho ONE Solutions Architect

Zach is our Zoho Solutions Architect with over 7 years of experience as a Zoho Admin. He is a strategic thinker that excels in creating innovative solutions for businesses of all types. His broad experience in supporting organizations in a variety of different roles gives him a unique perspective into developing systems that integrate seamlessly into our client’s businesses


Support Staff

Uma Maheswari
has been working with us since 2015. She is our expert in creating custom functions and associated workflows, not only in CRM, but also in the other Zoho apps. She has extensive experience and a keen understanding of many of the integrations involved.

Jenny Ann Valenciano
serves as an exec assistant to the firm and has worked with us several years in providing research on prospects, updating our database, and corresponding with Leads. She also manages most of our social media accounts.

David DeShurley
has worked with us since 2005 and is in charge of our bookkeeping and general daily office issues.